Journal Elba Aviation Institute
Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue1



Alarming Results of the Spatial Attention on Pilot’s Aptitude Testing

Sera R. Beköz, Fergan Sarı, Aysun Sertel, Güneş Şanlıtürk, Batuhan Çetinkaya
Among safety policies and protocols, which the civil aviation authorities anticipate in order to achieve and maintain prior involvement in monitoring and/or observing behavioral construction, there is a fundamental action. The authority requires to know whether a candidate has the base line capability of bearing and fulfilling the requirements of the physical and mental pressures of the job on student pilot candidate election programs. IATA’s pilot aptitude testing need and guidance declares that the student pilot candidate election programs should contain such parameters that a student pilot candidate must succeed through (IATA,2019). We operated a test protocol which was compatible with IATA’s demand of competence on a student pilot candidate. With the predetermined success rates of every test protocol battery, we provided results of the tests of spatial attention, with regarding to the feedback from personality test, spatial attention, spatial disorientation, perceptional focusing & memory, spatial aptitude, decision making under stress, team work & leadership. We analyzed the results of the tests and the spatial attention sufficiency requirement has the least success rate in the midst of basic abilities and sophisticated skills which a student pilot candidate has to have. Among the 78 student pilot candidates, 38 pilot candidates have failed from the pilot aptitude testing’s spatial attention sufficiency parameter.


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