Journal Elba Aviation Institute
Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue1



Editorial Board

Editorial Board of the Journal of Civil Aviation.

This working group has accuratelly and dedicatedly spent their invaluable time to build the journal.

Hamza Kandur

CHAIR-Vice Rector of Antalya Bilim University

Professor on information and document management

İsmail Ceritli

General Secretary of Antalya Bilim University

Professor on public management and environmental issues

Üner Beköz
Founding Editor
Training and education, System analysis, Methodology, Human Factors
(Ph.D. , Antalya Bilim Uni., Head of Aviation & Space Programs)
Selçuk Çakmaklı
Co-Founding Editor
Safety management, Air Law
Accident-Incident Investigation, Management
(Head of SMS Corendon Airlines)
Alev Banu Beköz
Co-Founding Editor
Medicine, Human factors,Training and education
(MD.,Head of Emergency Medice Dept. Antalya State Hospital) 
İnanç İşten
Air Law
(Ph.D. , Antalya Bilim University, Law School)
Erdinç Ercan


Aviation & Space Medicine 
(MD. , University of Health Sciences, Head of Aviation & Space
Medicine Dept. of Medicine Faculty)
İbrahim Sani Mert
Economics, Bussiness Administration
(Professor of Business Admin. School of Antalya Bilim University)
Sera Rüya Beköz
Aviation & Social Sciences, Meteorology
(Post Graduate. Business Admin. School of Antalya Bilim University)

Dear Authors, Reviewers and Readers

I am proud to announce that The Journal of Civil Aviation (JCivilAvia) has now been accessible on line for all the authors, reviewers and readers all around the world, expecting them to contribute their original unpublished research, scholarly essays, critical commentaries, and letters to the editor as well as the case reports which are free of charge.

JCivilAvia is a biannually published journal.  As a biannual journal, printed version will have no paper or page limit and authors will not have to keep waiting for a further issue.  I believe, the submission process of the journal will also be fast but rigorous.

On behalf of my associate editors and all other staff , I thank you for your contributions.