Journal Elba Aviation Institute
Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue1



Editorial Policies - Aims and Scope

JCivilAvia constitutes a prompt platform for those who seek a high quality, objective and fair scientic journal for publications of aviation related studies. All researchers and sector related academic and/or non-academic persons, groups are encouraged to submit papers on;

Aviation Psychology and Human Factors,

Aviation Medicine,

Safety and Safety Management System,

Training and Technology,


Accident and Incident Reports (free),

Operations and Management.

 JCivilAvia aspires to select, through peer review, the highest quality science and aviation–related manuscripts. To achieve this, the entire peer review and publication process of the JCivilAvia must be thorough, objective, and fair. Every aspect of this process involves important ethical principles and decisions. For more see Information for Authors.

Dear Authors, Reviewers and Readers

I am proud to announce that The Journal of Civil Aviation (JCivilAvia) has now been accessible on line for all the authors, reviewers and readers all around the world, expecting them to contribute their original unpublished research, scholarly essays, critical commentaries, and letters to the editor as well as the case reports which are free of charge.

JCivilAvia is a biannually published journal.  As a biannual journal, printed version will have no paper or page limit and authors will not have to keep waiting for a further issue.  I believe, the submission process of the journal will also be fast but rigorous.

On behalf of my associate editors and all other staff, I thank you for your contributions.