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A Workshop And A Special Issue


A Workshop And A Special Issue

It was only two months ago when I wrote the article of “Flight Training Organizations Need AMEs?”. 24 hours before I typed these words, the very first unmanned “fighter jet” was tested successfully for 72 long minutes. Now, there sounds a different age of aviation and culture, which translated into word terms, means a culture that will abandon the weak biological structure of mankind. On the other hand it was just the time we were getting awakened that the “man” was a serious part of any flying system and needed detailed maintenance. 25 more years are my foresight that “man” will still be flying. Although they will certainly not be “pilots” with steel nerves, golden hearts, iron hands or eagle eyes. All those metaphors with genuine metals have gone missing and no one left expecting them. Plastic is the material of the new age or should I say silicone? Anyway, 25 more years we need to keep living at least souls of “man” behind the controls healthy as possible. The moment “the soul” equalize “the AI” we will have taken a deep breath of whatever left in the atmosphere. Until then flight operators will need intense care. After many articles and sensible negotiations, Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation has put great concern on the matter and supported the workshop organized by Antalya Bilim University ELBA Aviation Institute. The workshop itself was almost a utopia for many people until it was completed. It discussed the role of aeromedical people in the civil aviation safety management. It was the first. Participation to the workshop was immense and even General Director of DGCA himself addressed participants. Three brilliant groups worked on distinguished headlines to screen the matters. They disserted their conclusions.

In this special Turkish issue of our journal we have published these three conclusions of the workshop in Turkish, without any revision, as they arrived. This is the original documentation of the workshop. I hope, we shall keep talking and urging the authority to take the shovel and build better legislation in near future days.

Üner Beköz

Editor -In-Chief

10th of March 2019 - Antalya

Dear Authors, Reviewers and Readers

I am proud to announce that The Journal of Civil Aviation (JCivilAvia) has now been accessible on line for all the authors, reviewers and readers all around the world, expecting them to contribute their original unpublished research, scholarly essays, critical commentaries, and letters to the editor as well as the case reports which are free of charge.

JCivilAvia is a biannually published journal.  As a biannual journal, printed version will have no paper or page limit and authors will not have to keep waiting for a further issue.  I believe, the submission process of the journal will also be fast but rigorous.

On behalf of my associate editors and all other staff, I thank you for your contributions.