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Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue1



First Things First


Dear Authors, Reviewers, Readers and Colleagues,

I honestly assure you that being the editor-in-chief in such a Journal is more than challenging. My priority now, as editor, is to make the journal be filled with the most important, creative, scholarly, and meaningful articles, studies, and essays produced by the members of our community who restlessly seek, doubt and try to find out the full nature of the aviation.
The Journal of Civil Aviation (JCivil Avia)  will certainly provide a platform for educators, researches, administrators and all aviators to share their best ideas to improve our knowledge about physical world of aviation . I believe that through the sharing of our creativity and ideas we can imagine the future of aviation and inspire every person to take first steps that will turn the ideas into reality. The journal focuses on seven basic areas of aviation : Aviation Psycholog and Human Factors, Aviation Medicine, Safety and Safety Management System, Training and Technology, Engineering, Accident and Incident Reports and Operations and Management. The journal also seeks to publish articles that advance our knowledge and understanding of the difficult challenges faced by flight schools, teaching organizations, airways etc. My personal interest is upon articles that bring innovative scholarly solutions to the problems as well as those that report accidents and cases. These case reports are free of charge in our journal.
I also welcome articles that contribute to the shared identity of student pilots, faculty, investigators, and leaders through exploration of safety dilemmas, experiences, and programs. I encourage articles about the development of new methodology and analytic tools to help us understand how student pilots learn better, develop expertise, and mature in aviation.

As editor-in-chief of The Journal of Civil Aviation, I am excited about the journal’s opportunity to influence the future of aviation.
I must encourage you to participate in the journal as a contributor of articles, as a reader, as a reviewer, and to submit letters to the editor.

Building a scientific journal is far beyond building a castle in Spain. This is a rare and critical work that takes time to convince people about the purity, solicitude and assiduity of the journal. Therefore, the first issue is partly dedicated to the associate editors for their first editorials with their opinions and expectations.  

I am of course the temporary editor-in-chief of this journal as co-founder and expecting to convey this duty onto a better assigned person in the near future. Until then I hope every single step we take will rightly deserve.

On behalf of my associate editors and all other staff who dedicatedly work for the journal, I salute you with respect. May knowledge enlighten the way ahead of all aviators and clouds move aside for a bright wide blue sky.

Üner Beköz

Editor -In-Chief

3rd of Oct 2014 - Antalya

Dear Authors, Reviewers and Readers

I am proud to announce that The Journal of Civil Aviation (JCivilAvia) has now been accessible on line for all the authors, reviewers and readers all around the world, expecting them to contribute their original unpublished research, scholarly essays, critical commentaries, and letters to the editor as well as the case reports which are free of charge.

JCivilAvia is a biannually published journal.  As a biannual journal, printed version will have no paper or page limit and authors will not have to keep waiting for a further issue.  I believe, the submission process of the journal will also be fast but rigorous.

On behalf of my associate editors and all other staff, I thank you for your contributions.